The Big Book of Blooms


Yuval Zommer continues his wonderful ‘Big Book’ series with The Big Book of Blooms. Like the others in this series, his pictures are glorious, with rich, glowing, inviting colours and shapes. The book is huge with the information and pictures arranged vertically. It means that we dive into snippets of information within the carefully arranged sections.

We progress from learning about flower families, through flower anatomy, pollinators, flower colours and power, into individual species. These include wildflowers, orchids, tulips and bromeliads.

Toward the end of the book is information about Kew Gardens. That sanctuary supported the creation of The Big Book of Blooms. Thereafter, we are reminded about why flowers are important to us and what we might do to ensure their place on the planet. We conclude with advice as to how we might grow our own blooms before the index.

The Big Book of Blooms is a superb title to read in little parts, to research through and thereafter to grow and learn with. We are awed by this book and honoured to recommend and sell it.

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The Big Book of Blooms

Yuval Zommer

Botanical experts:- Elisa Biondi and Scott Taylor, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Blooms and wildlife expert, Barbara Taylor

(Thames & Hudson)– hardback

The Big Book of Blooms is a magnificent non-fiction picture book. It begins by introducing  flower families, from bulbs, to orchids, daisies, prickly, peapod and fruity. Within each, the author identifies specimens and their features. Furthermore, the information is shown across a huge double page spread of lush, collage-like watercolours that are almost palatably delicious! We move onto flower anatomy then, following a similar pattern of Q & A and examples, within glorious pictures. Thereafter, we learn about pollinators and why plants are coloured in the way they are. For example, did you know that ‘bees can see blue, green and ultraviolet light’ although they can’t see red? At that point we learn about the different pollinators, followed by the uses of flowers, alongside those plants that can ‘irritate human beings’– like this children’s bookseller!
Did you know that ‘there is just one species of Venus flytrap?’ Thereafter, that ‘astronauts have grown a pink rose in space’? It seems this book is laden with rich pickings of facts, wonder and fresh learning!
The Big Book of Blooms is a truly gripping, glorious title that Bookwagon recommends as a title to luxuriate over, read, gift and keep. Furthermore, the information is interesting and fresh. This book follows Yuval Zommer’s The Big Book of the Blue and The Big Book of Birds


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