The Big Book of the Blue


Does a flying fish really fly? How can a snake live underwater? Yuval Zommer answers the questions we may never think to ask about a myriad of sea life in his masterpiece, ‘A Big Book of the Blue’. 

From ocean surface, to the deepest imaginings, Yuval Zommer explores life within our seas. We learn such astounding facts as ‘a seal can hold its breath underwater for up to 2 hours’ and ‘a penguin has heavy bones that help it dive underwater’. Each topic has its own double page spread within an A3 sized book. The art work is glorious, sea toned, overlapping layers, almost empathetic with the subject. Yuval Zommer does not shy from the issues currently of concern to our blue planet. There is a call to action on areas from chemicals to big ships, to plastics.

The book concludes with a review of ‘can you find’ questions, alongside hiding places for the sardine that travels throughout. There is an accessible index at the conclusion.

‘The Big Book of the Blue’ is quite exceptional. It is an ideal gift book, a ‘forever’ book recommended for the bookshelves of every home.


The Big Book of the Blue

Yuval Zommer

(Thames & Hudson)– hardback

‘The Big Book of the Blue‘ is a microscopic, magnificent trawl through our oceans. Yuval Zommer examines creatures from sea turtles to dragonets that live beneath our seas. He works from the surface to ocean depths, offering questions, facts, anecdotes and wonder. Every subject is fascinating. His beautiful art work is almost allegorical. ‘The Big Book of the Blue‘ is a celebration, an exploration, and a true ‘forever’ reading choice.

UKLA Shortlist Book Awards | 2019 Nominated for the 2019 Kate Greenaway Medal


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