The Big Countdown


The Nigersaurus ‘was a two-tonne plant-eater from Niger, in Africa‘. It ate tough, ground growing plants which meant its teeth wore out. However, it is difficult to imagine any creature having 1,000 teeth, the number of this dinosaur!

Paul Mason’s The Big Countdown is packed full of incidental, (teeth) jaw-dropping facts and numbers. He has delved into the minutiae of a world of dinosaurs. For example did you know that the fastest dinosaur was ‘144% faster than Usain Bolt‘! Furthermore, did you know that the brain of a Stegosaurus was the size of a 3cm walnut?

I’ve learned that during the prehistoric era there were ‘fewer hours in a day‘. Additionally, I’ve learned that some dinosaurs were nocturnal, realised by palaeontologists because of dinosaur fossil eye rings!

What wiped out the dinosaurs? There are a number of possibilities. Again, with mathematical and scientific reference, Paul Mason suggests the answers, from climate change to a massive meteorite. The Big Countdown is a fascinating compendium of facts, questions and information.


The Big Countdown

34.7 Quadrillion Minutes Since the Last Dinosaurs Died

Paul Mason, design and illustration Mark Ruffle

(Franklin Watts)

The Big Countdown is a factual meltdown of information about dinosaurs. We learn, at the time of writing, that it’s 34. 7 Quadrillion Minutes since the Last Dinosaurs Died. Yet, did you know that a tiger’s incisor is 8cm against the 30cm of a Tyrannosaurus Rex? (Yes, I took out my ruler too!) On one double-page five different facts are offered, including information about the most expensive dinosaur fossil ever sold (US $8, 362, 500)! I love the comparisons Paul Mason includes in his information. For example, the plant eating Argentinosaurus was the heaviest dinosaur and lived alongside other gargantuan family members in South America. Its estimated weight of 80 tonnes, compares to 1, 000 men or 20 hippos!
Lifesize Dinosaurs and Mega Meltdown are amongst our most popular titles. Readers want to imagine, know about and realise dinosaurs. Therefore, The Big Countdown is an ideal selection for a satisfying, informative read!



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