The Big Little Thing


‘The Big Little Thing‘ cannot be captured. Some people wait for it, when it’s right before their eyes. Some hide from  it, or think it might be bought. ‘The Big Little Thing‘ might be held in a tender glance, or felt in a caress. It could be there in reminiscence.

What is ‘The Big Little Thing’? Why is it so elusive? Do we know it? Would we recognise it? Maybe we’d remember it, or connect it with a smell or memory.

Beatrice Alemagna has created a mighty picture book. From its A3 size, to the portent in the enigmatic text (translated by Daniel Hahn), we contemplate ‘The Big Little Thing‘. Beatrice Alemagna’s pictures are layered, solitary and expectant, until a communal, then horizon stretched conclusion. ‘The Big Little Thing’ is a beautiful work of wonder, comfort, longing and recognition.


The Big Little Thing

Beatrice Alemagna

Translated by Daniel Hahn

(Tate)– hardback

The Big Little Thing‘ slipped by Sebastian’s feet. It could not be caught by the chasing girl. It went unnoticed during a minute’s rain shower. What is ‘The Big Little Thing’? Why is it necessary? Watch the people, join the journey, follow the path of ‘The Big Little Thing‘.


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