The Big Stink


Charlie could be heading into ‘The Big Stink‘. His desire for cheese knows no bounds. He’s taken to pilfering parmesan and robbing roquefort. He reads, dreams and watches videos of cheese… Finally, he’s arrived at a big plan that is a massive gamble.

Can Charlie the Mouse, overcome guards, laser beams, tight security and long periods of waiting and silence, to enter the Museum of Cheese. He’s not enticed by the Mona Cheesa or Cheese of Man; Charlie is after Rodin’s ‘The Stinker’. What happens if Charlie is not successful? What will he do with his treasure should his plan work?

Lucy Freegard has created a wildly inventive, curious and original picture book certain to be enjoyed by readers with a (cheesy) strong sense of humour and imagination!


The Big Stink

Lucy Freegard

(Pavilion Books)

The Big Stink‘ is the cheese after which Charlie has ‘an unhealthy obsession.’ He reads, dreams and watches cheese videos on his computer. Furthermore he’s undiscriminating for Charlie loves EVERY kind of cheese. HIs devotion has forced him into dodgy ways for Charlie steals cheese. Charlie is at the point of venturing into a Big Plan that concern the Museum of Cheese. This wonder draws spectators from all over the world to view great works of art such as Rene Margherita’s ‘Cheese of Man’ and ‘The Mona Cheesa’.
It seems like Charlie’s plan involves lots of waiting, bypassing guards and cameras, tiptoeing and deep breathing, before entering a radar detected territory. Which work of art does Charlie seek? Furthermore what does Charlie plan for his great prize? Surely it cannot be to eat something so priceless and desirable- could it?
We delight in Lucy Greegard’s Ballet Bunnies. In ‘The Big Stink’ the danger is amplified, but the picture book storytelling is as rich, humorous and effective. ‘The Big Stink‘ is a big cheese picture book!


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