The Biggest Footprint


The Biggest Footprint is a hugely original and absorbing new approach to learning the lessons of climate change and exploring what we humans can do to reverse it.  Imagine that all 8 billion-plus humans on Earth were ‘smooshed’ into one giant blob of a human.  That human would be over 3 km high and weigh over 390 million tonnes (and rising by 100kg a second).

Like the 8 billion people that made that single mega human, it would be slow, clueless and lumbering.  Bad news then, except for the fact that this mega human is really the only hope for the future of the planet.  Using a blizzard of accessible facts and information, alongside super illustrations, the authors set out to explain how climate change has happened and the ways that humans have impacted the world.  As climate change becomes more of a concern, this excellent book offers a fresh approach to the subject and a fun and accessible way for young people (and for adults!).

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The Biggest Footprint

Eight Billion Humans, One Clumsy Giant

Rob and Tom Sears

Canongate – (hardback)
There are over 8 billion humans on planet Earth.  Imagine that all these humans could be ‘smooshed’ into one giant human. This mega human would be colossal…and clueless, a great lumbering lump.  But it would also hold the future of the earth in its great big hands.  Even though this huge human is not the sharpest tool in the drawer, it is slowly beginning to understand the damage it has already caused and how it might be able to fix it. This is the idea behind The Biggest Footprint by the sibling team of Rob and Tom Sears.
This excellent and entertaining guide to climate change and human impact on planet Earth seeks to encourage a fresh approach to the subject. Using a combination of brain-busting facts and super illustrations, the book provides a fun and accessible take on the issues that face us all.
There are a number of books addressing the subject of climate change that are available in the Bookwagon on-line store.  For example, both Climate Action and Climate Rebels focus on the way children and young people can drive change.
The Big Lesson is a education programme about climate change for younger people devised by UNICEF.




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