The Bigwoof Conspiracy


Lucy Sladan’s determination that something strange is going on in Sticky Pines is known and laughed about in the town. However when we meet her first, there’s definitely something strange in the woods… It’s not only new boy Milo Fisher, son of the new owner of the town’s sweet factory. However, Lucy loses her photographic evidence when it appears she’s been struck by lightning. Then Milo’s images are Photoshopped. What is going on? The plaster casts Lucy takes of the creature she sees proves that something is (big) afoot. However this creature appears like a bear/ wolf/ dog! What is going on?

Milos’ father, Mr Fisher is keen for the town to experience the new sweetening agent he’s including in the confectionary. He creates a carnival policed by bright, shiny, red lit clowns. However Lucy smells a pine-scented rat. Or could it be an owl? Or even Bigfoot? What is going on? People are missing, to be trailed by an oozy slime.

The Bigwoof Conspiracy’ is the first of a compelling, fascinating, unusual, feisty series. I am absolutely gripped by it. It’s like Twin Peaks meets Bigfoot meets Famous Five (or one?) Step inside the slimy ooze of mystery that is ‘The Bigwoof Conspiracy’. Just watch your feet.

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Sticky Pines: The Bigwoof Conspiracy

Dashe Roberts

(Nosy Crow)

Lucy Sladan is certain of The Bigwoof Conspiracy in Sticky Pines. Right before Milo Fisher say that she was struck by lightning, she photographed Bigwoof. However, her camera was damaged in the strike. Thankfully, Milo is a keen photographer and has images of the night. Maybe one of them will show what Lucy saw?
However, when Lucy finds verification of strange, slimy things going on in the woods, the picture changes. Suddenly, Milo’s father, new owner of the Sticky Sweet factory is dismissive of Lucy’s claims, and her suspicion of him. How is he linked to strange creatures in the woods? Could the introduction of a new sweetener into the sweets and confectionary have something to do with him? Thereafter, why is Mr Fisher holding a carnival for Sticky Pines? It seems as though Lucy’s suspicions of clowns are valid! Then there’s the disappearance of local people…
Lucy Sladan is a dogged character, determined to unearth the truth beneath the sticky, bear- faced lies of Sticky Pines. Yet who can she trust? There are shades of The Ghouls of Howlfair and Bigfoot, Tobin & Me in this compelling and witty mystery. The Bigwoof Conspiracy is curious, deep-mired and unpredicatble. It’s left this reader desperate for the next instalment!


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