The Book of Blast Off!


The first mission to space was a satellite that lasted three weeks, Sputnik 1 sent out radio signals across our atmosphere. It seems it kickstarted the ‘great space race’. 

Thereafter, Yuri Gargarin was the first person in space aboard Friendship 1, while Mariner 4 sought life on Mars. Eagle landed Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon. Meanwhile the world was transfixed by the drama aboard Apollo 13. However, the furthest trailing spacecraft is Voyager 1 that’s past Jupiter, Saturn and continues its mission through space…

These are some of the fifteen space missions chronicled within Timothy Knapman and Nik Henderson’s thoroughly engaging The Book of Blast Off! With its rhyme, sense of personal involvement and then snippets of fact, we’re engaged. However, the book’s factual evidence and glossary at its conclusion lends weight and further interest

Bookwagon recommends The Book of Blast Off! to class libraries and home readers especially.

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The Book of Blast Off!

15 real-life Space Missions

Written by Timothy Knapman, illustrated by Nik Henderson

(Magic Cat)

When we join our leader of The Book of Blast Off!, we’re invited to join him on an interstellar mission. In fact, we’re lead through fifteen real-life space missions. Thereafter we begin with Sputnik 1 the satellite,- first to orbit Earth’, sending out ‘radio signals’ across ‘three short weeks’. Although it was brief, and today seen as something basic, Sputnik 1 initiated ‘the Great Space Race’.
What followed included Friendship 7, when Yuri Gargarin was the first astronaut in ‘outer space‘. Meanwhile, Mariner 4 sought out Mars. Thereafter, we’d Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins with Apollo 11, the first to land men on the mon.
The Book of Blast Off! chronicles space missions across the decades. It leads up to and beyond ISS, which included the first ‘all-female spacewalk’. What’s more, this rhyming picture book offers a chronicled history at its conclusion with further documented evidence and photographs. Thereafter, we’ve a glossary of terms for reference.
Bookwagon loves the feel, approach and sequence of this non-fiction picture book. In fact, we recommend it highly for all space enthusiasts, and those who enjoy extending their knowledge and understanding of the world and beyond.


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