The Book of Bok


Neil Armstrong imagines the story of Bok, discovered in a moon crater by the first man to walk upon the moon, and then returned to Earth. Maybe Bok originated from our planet once, and was created and catapulted into space as burning rock centuries ago? Perhaps Bok lingered in a moon crater, cooling, slumbering, watching shooting stars, changes on Earth from dinosaurs to the emergence of humankind.

What if the astronaut was to collect him and thereafter return Bok to Earth?

The Book of Bok is an exceptional picture book. Not only do the scope and wonder of Neil Armstrong’s words glow, but Grahame Baker Smith’s pictures are breathtaking. He chooses to frame the images so dramatically with directorial flourish so that at times, such as Apollo 11’s return to Earth, we’re watching in quick-fire shutter speed. Thereafter, we linger over huge frames as when Bok sleeps through the ‘unfolding of humankind‘.

Bookwagon recommends The Book of Bok to readers of all ages. This is a picture book to gift, share and treasure. It is extraordinary.

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The Book of Bok

One Moon Rock’s Journey Through Time and Space

Neil Armstrong and Graham Baker Smith

(wren & rook)

Imagine dreaming of floating high above the Earth. Thereafter, think of all the Earth has experienced, from the ‘great celestial fender-bender’ of its creation, to the millions of years of after-effects from that collision. Perhaps Bok was made about that time, a rock that broke away from the cooling lava? . We wonder through The Book of Bok.
Thereafter, ‘Bok would see and remember many things’. These might includewatching the Sun rise and set, to seeing ‘new stars’ burn in black space. Perhaps asteroid strikes would have catapulted Bok into a moon crater. Maybe, from there it would have seen the Earth’s expansion and change as seas and continents formed.
What if Bok was witness to the beginnings of life on Earth, perhaps as documented through The Pebble in My Pocket?  Furthermore, what if Bok realised the age of dinosaurs and then the arrival of man? Possibly Bok ‘missed the unfolding story of humankind’.
Therefore, what might he have made of the ‘birth of the boy who grew up to climb aboard a rocket destined to the Moon’. Thereafter, could Bok have been removed from his sleeping crater by this astronaut? It might be to return through the flaming atmosphere to Earth?
From the words of Neil Armstrong, Grahame Baker-Smith has crafted an exceptional picture book history of the heavens and possibility, history and time. Bookwagon loves and recommends The Book of Bok to readers of all ages. This is a title to share, gift and treasure.


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