The Bookshop Girl


The only home that Property Jones can remember is ‘The White Hart’ a bookshop where  she has lived since she was five. However, times are tough, and books are not selling. It seems that the perfect literary lifestyle beloved by Property and her mother and brother is under threat, that is, until they win the Montgomery Book Emporium in a prize draw. Their fortunes are reversed- but are they? How can Property hope to turn the tide of misadventure that befalls her family without revealing her deepest secret, that she cannot, in fact, read?

The Bookshop Girl’ is is a beguiling, quick-witted, warm and pacy novel, ideal for readers who are less confident, prefer dyslexia friendly titles, or want a book that is jolly, and makes them feel good. We recommend ‘The Bookshop Girl‘ to readers aged from seven years of age.

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The Bookshop Girl

Sylvia Bishop, illustrated by Ashley King


The Bookshop Girl‘ is a pacy and positive story. It is ideal for readers who may not be overly confident, or look for dyslexia friendly titles.
Property Jones and her adopted mother and brother are delighted when it appears that all their problems will be fixed by their win in the wonderful Montgomery Book Emporium draw raffle. While their prize is not as it seems, Property’s secret looks to be exposed…..


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