The Bookshop Mice


What will Huck discover when he goes to Astrid’s house? After all, when she introduced herself on her first day at Maple Street Mouse School, Astrid said that her mother returned from her journeys as an astromouse with cheese from the moon! Then again, she claimed that she and her father swim in tropical lagoons and ‘eat supper on a mountain top’. Brie suggested that Astrid was spinning lies.

However, it seems as though the Book Nook is somewhere special. In fact, when baxter from the bakery’ visits for tea, he discovers ‘dinosaurs, tractors, unicorns and cakes’!

What about the astromouse? Does Astrid’s mother really fly into space? Then again, can Brie be convinced?

Bookwagon loves the works of Robert Starling. It seems that from the pictures he creates for the I Am Happy series, with Michael Rosen, to his own written and illustrated titles, there is charm, warmth and humour. Thereafter, we love The Bookshop Mice and recommend is highly to our readers.

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The Bookshop Mice

Robert Starling

(Andersen Press)

‘Isn’t it amazing where books can take you?’ 

Brie might call Astrid a fibber after Astrid’s introduction to Maple Street Mouse School. After all, her description of her mother’s astronomousical journeys into space, with gifts of moon cheese are rather extraordinary. Then again, to suggest that she and her father ‘like to swim in a tropical lagoon and eat supper on a mountain top‘? Even Mr Whiskerson suggests Astrid’s description of her family life is ‘imaginative’.
Therefore, what will Huck discover when he comes ’round for tea’? Could there be ‘pirates, monkeys, galleons and treasure‘? Furthermore, what about Baxter’s visit, or even that of ‘Lucy, Lia and their dad’? Might The Bookshop Mice, guests of Astrid’s Book Nook, discover unending wonder and that Astrid’s descriptions are true? Thereafter, what about Brie? Furthermore, what about Astrid’s mother…
Robert Starling has delighted us with picture books, including Fergal Meets Fern and Super Sloth. Bookwagon is overjoyed to welcome another picture book by this beautifully tuned, delightful picture writer and illustrators. Not only is his message true and inspiring, but the warmth and charm suggests that The Bookshop Mice is likely to become a firm favourite title of many young readers.


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