The Boy, the Troll & the Chalk


Although the troll insists that he wants to be left alone, the boy has other ideas. At first he encourages him to step out of his cave. When that doesn’t work he brings chalks. What will the troll do if there’s one uncoloured petal on the flower the boy draws? Then what about a cat without whiskers or a dog without a tail? Then again, if the boy should draw a boy with a smiling face of welcome and an outstretched hand?

It seems this boy isn’t content to move across the park to continue with his game. He’s been to encourage the troll out, taking time, demonstrating patience. However, who does he expect to find? What about us… the reader?

Bookwagon loves the empathetic message, the insightful storytelling and then the imagination and gentle pace of The Boy, the Troll & the Chalk. Alongside Anne Booth’s encouraging story of hope and friendship, we’ve David Litchfield’s starlit pictures, that sparkle with magic, imagination, possibilities and optimism.

Bookwagon loves and recommends The Boy, the Troll & the Chalk.

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The Boy, the Troll & the Chalk

Anne Booth and David Litchfield


The troll’s yelling of ‘Leave me alone!’ means that the children play their games on ‘the other side of the park‘. Thereafter they forget about him, it seems. However, one child recalls the lone, angry creature beneath the cave. In fact, he encourages him to ‘come out of there‘. Although he’s rebuffed, this boy’s determined to keep trying so returns with chalks. Thereafter, he begins to draw.
At first he leaves one petal of the flower he draws needing to be coloured in blue. Thereafter, he leaves a ‘cat with only half its whiskers‘. After that, there’s ‘a dog without a tail‘. Eventually, the boy’s chalks are left behind. What will he find next? Could the animals be complete? Then what next? What about a boy’s hand outstretched, and a smiling face?
The Boy, the Troll & the Chalk is a magnetic picture book from Anne Booth and David Litchfield who moved and delighted us with A Shelter for Sadness
Like that book, this story demonstrates the best of humanity through actions of kindness, time and interest. Then again, there’s insight in the boy’s chalks and then his reactions, Just look at the half drawings, to the scary creation summoned up by the cave dweller. After all, isn’t everyone the same? Don’t we each need friendship, company, understanding and patience?
Bookwagon loves the message, the pacing and the beautiful rainbow hued pictures so rich with meaning, wonder and hope. Altogether they mean that The Boy, the Troll & the Chalk is a superb picture book, ideal for reading aloud, loving, sharing and holding close.


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