The Boy Who Flew


Despite Grandma’s incantations and protestations, Athan persists in learning from Mr Chen. He does not understand the chemicals or engineering processes, but realises Mr Chen’s ambition and strategy. Athan is left in grave danger when Mr Chen is discovered brutally murdered. Somebody is after Mr Chen’s plans for a flying machine. The murderer knows that Athan is Mr Chen’s apprentice, with knowledge of his plans. He will stop at nothing to get to Athan and the Duke of Roseberry’s prize.

The Boy Who Flew‘ demonstrates Fleur Hitchcock’s assured writing hand but in a different setting. We travel to a grim, unloving past, where boys like Tod are beaten, and girls like Beatty are considered ‘fairy children’. Athan Wilde is a whipper smart, loyal central character. We urge him over the rooftops and a way from the sewage ponds. ‘The Boy Who Flew‘ is the stuff of aspiration, escape and opportunity. It is an exceptionally wonderful story.


The Boy Who Flew

Fleur Hitchcock

(Nosy Crow)

Mr Chen plans for a flying machine have drawn the attention of a murderous villain. He will stop at nothing to win the Duke of Roseberry’s prize. Mr Chen’s apprentice, Athan Wilde, is left  alone with the secrets. Can Athan keep these safe? How can Athan protect the person he loves most from the deceitful murderer intent on working his way into Athan’s family to get to Athan? Athan watches his word fall apart from the rooftops. Will Athan become ‘The Boy Who Flew’?


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