The Boy Who Hit Play


Elvis Crampton Lucas was named by the man who found him, wrapped in a newspaper on a park bench. His names were derived from the first albums his would-be father unearthed from his collection. The time has come for Elvis to travel with his father, and his father’s best friend, Lloyd, to the far north. Here the sun doesn’t set and the newspaper in which he was wrapped is published.

The journey is riven with unexpected danger, a tracker, and the unannounced presence of Floyd, Lloyd’s older brother. Elvis, ‘The Boy Who Hit Play‘ must used his thinking skills and huge retinue of sound clues to work out what is being hidden, and what is being revealed.

‘The Boy Who Hit Play’ is a complicated, intelligent read. We enter Elvis’s reasoning and emotions. We tread in his footsteps and feel his confusion. While wanting to discover his beginnings, Elvis is concerned about the feelings and loyalties of those who saved him.

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The Boy Who Hit Play

Chloe Daykin

(Faber & Faber)

Elvis Crampton Lucas has decided the time has come to discover his origins. With the help of Lloyd, Elvis and the Dad who found him, a baby wrapped in a newspaper, are heading north. ‘The Boy Who Hit Play‘ is out for the truth.


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