The Boy Whose Wishes Came True


What would you wish for if you were granted nine wishes? It seems that’s what has happened to Archie. One moment he’s cycling back home with a leftover and next he’s head over heels and being offered wishes by star footballer, Lucas Bailey. Mouse is dubious about what’s happened to Archie, but then the evidence of his wishes begins to mount. Yet what would you do if you’d nine wishes and only nine wishes?

It seems Archie has a lot in his life that needs putting right. There’s his spaghetti hoop and cheese based diet. However being in charge of the weekly shop as an eleven-year-old boy is a tough chore. Then there are things like the changing weekend dates for visits to Dad’s and Julie’s. What’s more there’s hopelessness at school, too short trousers and complete confusion in maths. Then there’s the B-B Gang, who go out of their way to target Archie. Thank heaven for Mouse….  Archie cannot even begin to think about Mum. After all she keeps promising that she’s going to be all right. Therefore these wishes are precious. So how does he begin?

Bookwagon loves The Boy Whose Wishes Came True. Helen Rutter’s books are warm, knowing, funny and so kind. We care about what happens to Archie. After all, we’re given a glimpse into Archie Land and know his reality. We recommend this book highly to our middle grade readers.

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The Boy Whose Wishes Came True

Helen Rutter


Star footballer Lucas Bailey grew up in the same town as Archie Crumb, and even attended the same school. Although that’s all they have in common, Archie’s been devoted to Lucas Bailey ever since. However Archie knows  he has no chance of being a member of  the school football squad competing in Lucas Bailey’s inaugural schools’ tournament. After all, everyone knows Archie’s no good at anything.
It seems Archie has no particular skill, and then if others weren’t to know, the B-B Gang would fill them in. After all picking on Archie is a pastime for Bea and Bella. Yet what if something might change? Could an accident  result in Lucas Bailey appearing to Archie, offering the opportunity to become The Boy Whose Wishes Came True?  It could be he’d have nine wishes and then only nine. What’s more, Archie would take care in what he’d wish for, wouldn’t he? Then again, he’d have Mouse’s help on that score. After all, doesn’t she know everything about Archie. Except the most important thing to which he’s sworn to secrecy by his mother?
Therefore, what would Archie wish for? Extermination of the B-B Gang? Then again, a spot at the football tournament? What about making Mum happy? Then there’s his Dad…
After The Boy Who Made Everyone LaughHelen Rutter returns with The Boy Whose Wishes Came True. Bookwagon loves this warm hearted, clear sighted title that is laden with insight and pathos.


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