The Broken Leg of Doom


Izzy is quite certain that bad things come along in threes. At least that’s what her Mum has always said. Today bears that out, with the loss of her Twix and then Jodi’s insistence on EXTREME DANCING. Look at how that turned out, with Maisie feeling dizzy and then falling with her leg crumpling into a weird shape! Now she’s in hospital, with a huge cast and a strange boy with a feather in his hat telling her friends that he saw a curse disappear into her cast!

There’s a lot about Seb’s story that seems to ring true. For a start Maisie’s on Ward 13 (and everyone knows that she hates 13), and then there’s the fact that Jodi’s eating egg sandwiches, and everyone knows she loathes them! Then there are all the strange Mummy bandages, the sprinklers going off and the whale-nap of Francisco (Maisie’s stuffed toy humpback whale). It all looks to be the work of The Broken Leg of Doom.

Is it possible that Izzy, Jodi and Zach can rid Maisie’s leg of the curse? Thereafter, what will it involve- after all this is a fairly suspicious, creeped out, group! Pamela Butchart and Thomas Flintham return with a laugh-out-loud (headphone wearing while screaming), incident packed novel, in The Broken Leg of Doom.

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The Broken Leg of Doom

Pamela Butchart, illustrated by Thomas Flintham

(Nosy Crow)

Is Maisie’s broken leg really Jodi’s fault? After all, Maisie didn’t have to dance quite as wildly as Jodi encouraged her during the EXTREME DANCING. Thereafter was it Jodi’s fault that Maisie felt dizzy and fell over? Yet what happens next might just fit with Izzy’s understanding that bad things happen in threes….
There’s the loss of a Twix and the EXTREME DANCING, but Maisie’s leg? Its weird shape, the need for her to go to hospital and then stay in Ward 13 (when everyone knows that 13 freaks Maisie out!) Yet, what if it is as the boy in Ward 13 with the feather in his hat claims, that a curse has got inside Maisie’s cast? Could it be that Maisie has The Broken Leg of Doom? Is it possible that the curse crept into the cast from the lunchtime sandwich trolley? It’s certain that strange things are happening, from the sprinklers going off to Francisco (Maisie’s big stuffed whale) being whale- napped!
Thankfully Izzy, Jodi and Zach have an investigation room and a plan. It seems that they’re intrepid investigators and thereafter aware of every possibility, every weird mummy like bandage. Yet, could it be that the group from Icarus Was Ridiculous are facing a bigger threat than they’d every imagine?
The Broken Leg of Doom is bizarre, uproarious and highly imaginative! We love the drama and comedy. Roll up your trouser legs and fasten your blood pressure monitor, early chapter book readers, for it’s time to settle down with The Broken Leg of Doom.


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