The Broken Raven

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It seems that Aggie and Jaime have very little time to enjoy their time as heroes following their daring journeys of The Good Hawk. Now Clann-a-Tuath are uneasy guests of Kenrick’s and Catriona’s Clann-na-Bruthaich. Although they have been rescued, Catriona, in particular, stirs the unrest of her clan, urging them to go against helping Clann-a-Tuath to return to their enclave on Skye.

Yet something that Aggie has seen on Catriona, unlocks catastrophe and revelation. Thereafter, Jaime must travel to the source of the sgàilean, the sinister shadows urged forth by King Balfour.

While Aggie and Jaime fight for truth, safety and survival, a third, The Broken Raven, joins their quest. Sigrid’s Norvland inking marks her out as different. Thereafter her actions in fighting captivity and holding grandfather’s love tight as she is chained to Konge Grímr enable her to battle toward Skye. Will she survive her journey to warn Aggie and Jaime of what lies ahead for them?  There is a gathering storm…

The Good Hawk is an outstanding title, the introduction to an absorbing trilogy that Bookwagon adores. We are so excited to welcome The Broken Raven, the compelling sequel, which leaves us aghast, needing more, desperate to protect, inform and fight on alongside Aggie, Jaime and Sigrid.

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The Broken Raven:-  (Part 2 The Shadow Skye trilogy)

Joseph Elliott

(Walker Books)

The Broken Raven is needled into Sigrid’s face as is the custom of her people. Her grandfather is aghast at the mess made of the inking, though Sigrid’s disfigurement seems to give her mother pleasure. It is not long afterward that Sigrid’s mother betrays her again.
We left Aggie and Jaime in some triumph at the conclusion of The Good Hawk. Yet we are aware of Nathara’s necklace and the possibility of revenge upon our heroic pair. Furthermore, what of Skye and the islanders who have moved into their enclave? It seems that Clann-a-Tuath have further battles ahead.
Thereafter, how does Sigrid fit into this story, and why would a deamhan have any part in resolving evil plotting from bitter kings, into which the islanders have become trapped? Thereafter, does her tattoo not reveal her as an enemy?
Joseph Elliott’s storytelling is rich, vigorous and at times almost fetid. It seems as though we can smell the rotting King Edmund, the fire about Sigrid and the threat of the sgàilean. What’s more we are held so captive that we are unsure as to whom we might trust. What are Jaime’s apprehensions about Cray, and then why does Badhbh warn him? Furthermore, what is Maistreas Eilionoir hiding from Aggie?
The Broken Raven left me desperate to read on and thereafter for Aggie and Jaime to find some place of safety and truth. Bookwagon is captivated by The Shadow Skye trilogy and awaits the final instalment with anticipation! Joseph Elliott introduces The Good Hawk, the first instalment of The Shadow Skye trilogy



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