The Bubble Boy


Joe can’t remember his life outside of hospital.  He has a very rare condition that requires he be in total isolation ‘in a bubble’.  His life is one long series of tests but he keeps cheerful by talking via his lap top to his friend in the USA who has the same condition.  Then someone quite remarkable enters his life and offers him the chance of his lifetime – to go outside.  ‘

The Bubble Boy’ is the story of how Joe spends his days, copes with his loneliness and frustrations, and looks – with superhero-style bravery, curiosity and hope – to a future without limits. ‘The Bubble Boy‘ is a  thrilling and emotional, truly unique story.


The Bubble Boy

Stewart Foster

(Simon and Schuster)

‘The Bubble Boy’ is an inspiring story of hope and possibilities despite a seemingly unbearable situation. Prepare for the unexpected, the heart-breaking and the magical.


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