The Bug Collector


George is ‘The Bug Collector’. He can think of nothing except the marvellous bugs he’s seen at the museum of natural history on his Sunday visit with Grandad. Grandad inspires George. His dreams are full of ‘buzzing bees, floating butterflies and sliding snails’. George determines to get outside and discover the bugs in his garden. What will he discover?

George is enraptured! He tries to capture the bugs that he can have his own collection. George becomes ‘The Bug Collector‘, the master bug catcher. How fulfilling! Isn’t everything right in the garden? Or is it?

Alex G. Griffiths structures this beautiful picture book of George’s discoveries wonderfully. We recognise George’s joy in his grandfather, and his awe in the natural world. We understand George’s desire to assemble his own collection, and dawning realisation of the results.The Neal Layton-like pictures are entrancing; they add to the sequence and story building perfectly. Bookwagon is proud to discover and recommend this magical, entomological wonder.


The Bug Collector

Alex G Griffiths

(Andersen Press)– hardback

Sunday is George’s favourite day, for most importantly it means a day out with Grandad! Where will they go? Could it be, because they’re in the Museum of Wildlife that they’ll focus on ‘massive mammoths’ and ‘stranger creatures’. Or could it be that Grandad will share his love of bugs with George? Will it inspire George to become ‘The Bug Collector’? What will he learn? From where will he collect? What will he gather? Besides these considerations, what might a bug collecting habit mean to George’s habitat?
What a thoughtful, beautiful and inspiring picture book, a forever book to treasure!


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