The Burning


St Monan’s is a huge change for Anna. She and her mother have abandoned everything familiar to resurface in a place of safety and anonymity where online savagery that destroyed Anna might be a thing of the past. Anna Clark is born.

She hides behind her fringe and newness at first, before tendrils of friendships emerge. Anna is careful to sidestep Simon, whom she notices accidentally during an early exploration of St Monan’s, realising his damaged anger. Meanwhile, Anna begins work on a school history project, researching a local figure. How might the seventeenth century Scottish witch trials have any relevance to Anna’s situation? Can a teenage girl, unfairly treated and punished, resonate with a 21st century victim of online abuse?

‘The Burning‘ is raw, relevant and necessary. Understanding of the destruction wrought by the weed of social media, enables us to make informed decisions of our actions. We can step up and fight back. However, the name calling and demonisation of young women, has taken a different and less obvious form in the 21st century. Bookwagon urges older readers, and their parents to read ‘The Burning’. (Content suitable for older readers only.) 


The Burning

Laura Bates

(Simon & Schuster)

Anna and her mother hope for a fresh start in St Monans. Furthermore they hope for a safe distance from Birmingham and all they’ve run away from. A new name, a new home, new friends, a clean slate and a fresh project await Anna. What does the fate of seventeenth century teenager Maggie Morgan have to do with Anna? How does ‘The Burning‘ that Maggie experienced, relate to the nightmare from which Anna seeks to hide, that sparks its way to St Monans?
Bookwagon recommends ‘The Burning’ to older readers.


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