The Case of the Abandoned Boat


While the DI Island Crew investigates who might have sent emails warning the island against the young detectives, Fayson and Ace discover an abandoned fishing boat. Why is it hidden in the cove? Fayson tingles with excitement at the thought of a new mystery to solve so soon after returning to the island!

Her return is not as she’d hoped. Not only is Tia proving overbearing, especially around Gabi, but there’s an unexpected guest with Fayson. Then again, there are the emails that threaten to disband the DI Island Crew. Separately, but still worrying, is Elma’s behaviour. The housemate of Fayson’s uncle and aunt is usually quiet, open and efficient, but something is definitely up with her. What is going on?

Bookwagon is delighted to welcome a further, though standalone, addition to Kereen Getten’s wonderful DI Island Crew Investigates‘ series. Like the other titles it is so satisfying, full of character, detail, asides and inference. What’s more, there’s a great case to crack too! We recommend The Case of the Abandoned Boat to our readers!

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The Case of the Abandoned Boat

DI Island Crew Investigates

Kereen Getten

(Pushkin Children’s)

Fayson’s excited to be returning to the island. However she’s anxious about Tia’s return to DI Island Crew, event though this was her doing!  After all, didn’t she push for this during The Case of the Haunted Wardrobe? It seems that Tia’s tricky and seems to be influencing Gabi and the group. Then again, Fayson’s something unexpected to worry about. What is her mother up to? It seems she’s not the only one who’s being secretive!
Furthermore, once upon the island, it’s not long until the DI Island Crew need to meet. Who is sending  emails warning against the young detectives? Thereafter, might these messages lead to the group’s families prohibiting their investigations? Then again, what is wrong with Elma? It seems she’s always been there attending to Fayson’s uncle and aunt. However, this time, there’s definitely something troubling her…  What’s more, there’s The Case of the Abandoned Boat that features very soon after Fayson’s arrival! It’s all going on!
Bookwagon loves this detective series from Kereen Getten. Not only are the detective investigations fascinating, but the characters are so brilliantly drawn. We love all the game playing between the group, Fayson’s pettiness upon occasion, and then Tia’s bossiness. Altogether it means that The Case of the Abandoned Boat is warmly welcomed. What a great title to get your teeth into!


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