The Case of the Dastardly Dognappers


The Case of the Dastardly Dognappers is the fourth in Mark Dawson’s gripping adventure stories that conjure up a contemporary Famous Five vibe.  Things don’t start well for the intrepid gang of friends – Max has to do extra lessons while the impossible happens when Lucy loses a running race.  This is unheard of, but to make matters worse, she loses to a loathsome new girl, Miranda Fitchwitherington.  She really enjoys being as mean as possible to Lucy and the rest of the gang.

This is just the beginning of the team’s problems, because there’s been an outbreak of dog stealing in the town and Lucy’s beloved dog Sherlock (and fifth member of the gang) is targeted.  And there is more bad news – their friend Captain Tom has had his own dog, Pugly, stolen too.  The friends of course decide to investigate and they put their considerable detective skills into solving the mystery.  It leads them to a horrid gang of con-artists and a runaway chase in a motorbike and sidecar in a race against time!

Mark Dawson and Allan Boroughs’ series continues to thrill and delight and is thoroughly recommended.

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The Case of the Dastardly Dognappers

The After School Detective Club 4

Mark Dawson and Allan Boroughs, illustrated by Ben Mantle

(Welbeck Flame)

The Case of the Dastardly Dognappers is the fourth in Mark Dawson and Allan Boroughs’ exciting mystery adventure series featuring The After School Detective Club.  Any resemblance to Enid Blyton’s Famous Five is entirely intentional!
In this story, Joe’s mother is desperate to impress Lord and Lady Fitchwitherington.  They are new arrivals in town and she has heard that the titled couple want to buy a house in town.  She wants to impress her estate agent boss.  This means Joe has to be nice to the loathsome pair and their horrid daughter Miranda.  Miranda has already upset the gang of friends by beating Lucy in a running race.  She then revelled in her victory and was rude to the friends.  Horror strikes even further when Joe’s parents agree to sell their beach hut to the Lord and Lady.  The beach hut is the HQ of the Detective Club.
To make matters much worse, the gang learn from their friend Captain Tom that there has been a spate of dog-napping in the town.  Even worse, Tom’s beloved dog Pugly and Lucy’s pet Sherlock (the fifth member of the gang) are both targeted.  The friends suspect the Fitchwitheringtons are somehow involved and they start to investigate.  There then follows a series of shocking revelations.  These lead to a high-speed chase in a motorbike and sidecar to save the dogs of the town.
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