The Cat and the King


Quality initial chapter books for new readers are frustratingly thin on the ground. Thank heavens for ‘The Cat and the King’ from the much-loved illustrator and children’s writer Nick Sharratt!

When a devastating castle fire forces the King and loyal servant Cat to move to 37 Castle Close, the new royal resident must adjust to ordinary life and ways. His helpful neighbours, the Cromwells, help him, and Cat, acclimatise. Who knew there could be such delight to be had from  washing up?

The Cat and the King‘ is a gentle, warm, truly lovely book, one to share, read alone and reread, with delight.

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The Cat and the King

Nick Sharratt

(Scholastic) – paperback

After a dragon burns down his castle, the King is forced to move. Domestic life in an ordinary street is all new and quite delightful to the King. However, his loyal friend, Cat, is there to help. What’s more, there are lovely neighbours too.
Nick Sharratt introduces us to The Cat and the King, so that we enjoy the novelty of a domestic setting, rather as our royal main character does. It seems he enjoys custard and washing-up and all the ordinary proceedings of daily life. However, just how much of this is his responsibility, really? Thereafter who is really in charge? Could it be that the Cat’s aiding some sort of royal illusion to keep his master happy? What’s more, what do the neighbours  at number 37 Castle Close make of their new resident? Then again, how did the fire start, really? Is there any chance that the ‘fire-breathing dragon’ might make a return and spoil the King’s new domicile? Not only are the illustrations in two colours quite fascinating, but the characterisations and wit of the situation so very clever. It means that we take some time to realise the Cat’s silence, alongside enjoying the wit of a royal shopping list. Bookwagon loves and recommends this title for newer, less confident readers.



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