The Children of Swallow Fell


Isabella and her father seek to escape the war in Italy through a desperate train journey across Europe. Her father has not returned to England and his family’s stone house for years. Now it lies musty from neglect. It appears that during his absence a lot has changed; primarily a brutal disease that shut everything down so there is no sign of life.

Yet what if Isabella alights on two children, hidden from the authorities, who’ve survived for a lifetime? Could these three team up, learn from each other, trade and grow and support each other? It will be necessary after an injury, and thereafter when Isabella’s father ventures out and does not return…

Children of Swallow Fell is a deeply empathetic, image rich, lingering and thoughtful novel suggesting times of devastation, loss and fear. However, its hopefulness, from its setting, to the children’s actions and resolve, is heartening to readers of all ages. Bookwagon loves this beautiful book and recommends it highly.


The Children of Swallow Fell

Julia Green


The Children of Swallow Fell hide behind the stone house which Isabella and her father reach flagstone dark. They seem to be feral children, left to their own devices after the pandemic that raged through northern England. Yet they bring eggs to trade with Isabella, and teach her how to hunt rabbits and survive. Meanwhile, Isabella waits for her father to return from the store some miles away and keeps the children’s secret safe. She draws with the pencils she brought from war-torn Italy, and writes letters to Marta whose absence she misses like an ache.
However, what if her father does not return? Furthermore, what if one of the children is hurt and the pair seem to need her? Thereafter, what if the three of them are discovered? Can they move forward, learn from each other, trust each other and learn from the emerging season and life around them?
The Children of Swallow Fell is a breathtaking novel. Rather like Across the Risen Sea and Where the World Turns Wild it offers a glimmer of hope after a time of sanction, devastation and sickness. This book is truly empathetic and rich with love, charity and gentle optimism. I suggest that anyone who is fortunate to choose to read this book will feel inspired and stronger. Bookwagon is proud to recommend and share The Children of Swallow Fell.


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