The Christmas Club


The Christmas Club is the third in the hugely funny and joyful series by Mel Taylor-Bessent, featuring the most Christmas-obsessed and festive family The Carrolls.  On this adventure, they descend upon New York, having won a prize trip after being named the Most Festive Family in the UK.

The prize is awesome – not only are the family whizzed off to a luxury hotel in the Big Apple, but they are to take part in the famous Christmas Parade.  The family are super-excited anyway, but the Christmas delights continue to stack up.  they receive a invitation to become part of the exclusive Christmas Club – a secretive organisation dedicated to spreading the Christmas message far and wide.  Or is it?  Holly and the rest of the family begin to question the Club’s motivations as they are obliged to carry out a series of tasks, in competition in other families, to win a place in the Club.

Surely nothing is going to interfere with the Carroll’s’ devotion to Christmas and its message of peace and love?

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The Christmas Club

The Christmas Carrolls 3

Mel Taylor-Bessent, illustrated by Selom Sunu


The Christmas Club sees the welcome return of the Christmas-obsessed Carroll family.  This time, the family have won an award for being the Most Festive Family in the UK.  Their prize is an exclusive holiday trip to New York.  What’s more they will be taking part in the famous Christmas Parade.  Needless to say, Holly and the rest of the family (including Reggie the Reindeer) are super-excited at the prospect.  The excitement isn’t dissipated by a spot of trouble for mum Snow at passport control, when her name is questioned.  She is terrified at the prospect of revealing her real first name.
On arrival in New York, they quickly make friends with hotel clerk Seb.  He is almost as enthusiastic for all things Christmas as the Carrolls.  The trip becomes even more special when the family are issued with an invitation to join the famous, but secretive, Christmas Club – an organisation dedicated to spreading the joy of the holiday season around the world.  However, to actually get into the Club, the family have to pass a series of tests and find themselves in competition with other families from around the world.  At first, the family throw themselves into the tasks with abandon.  Gradually, however, doubts set in.  Things don’t seem to add up and they begin to question what might be the real motivation of the Club.
Through a series of very funny scenes and a crazy plot, the Carrolls come to understand the true meaning of Christmas.  There are also echoes of perhaps the most famous of all Christmas novels, A Christmas Carol.  This is a jolly and great fun story with its heart squarely in the right place.
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