The Christmas Eve Tree


The little fir tree is bowled over by wind gusts so that its branches entangle with its neighbour and it grows, slightly, in its shadow. When it is time for the fir trees to be cut and bundled away for Christmas shoppers, the fir tree lies at the bottom of the pile. Who will choose ‘The Christmas Eve Tree‘?

Can the little tree survive separation from its bigger, prouder neighbours? Might its potential be seen by someone, anyone, who might tend to it, sing alongside it, or even give it another chance?

‘The Christmas Eve Tree‘ is a Christmas allegory of all we hold precious at this time of year. Emily Sutton’s gentle, nuanced pictures add empathy to the little tree’s plight, and that of the boy with the box. This is a beautiful book that demands to be chosen and cherished, rather like the little fir tree.


The Christmas Eve Tree

Delia Huddy, illustrated by Emily Sutton

(Walker Books)

‘The Christmas Eve Tree’ is blown over in its infancy. Its straggly branches entangle with a neighbour. Other trees grow proud and tall. ‘The Christmas Eve Tree’ is weak and spindly. Will it survive its move from the field to the department store? Will anyone want ‘The Christmas Eve Tree’? Who could celebrate Christmas with such a sad specimen?


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