The Christmas Owl


The little owl is curious about the snow that arrives before the lights and the whisper of Christmas. What is Christmas? What does it mean to the tree? Her tree? Thereafter, why is her tree chopped down? It seems that her curiosity leads her to being caught up in the tree’s journey from her forest home, breaking her migration, and thereafter moving her onto the big city.

Might there be a human who could come to the rescue? Perhaps the little owl, whom the kind wildlife officer names Rocky, will respond to warmth, care and treatment?

Wildlife officer Ellen Kalish bases her real life experience of caring for saw- whet owl, Rocky, rescued from the Rockefeller Centre tree, in this beautiful, gentle picture book. We’re reminded of the wilderness and creatures of the forest, and then the contrast to the big city and the traditions of Christmas.

Bookwagon loves The Christmas Owl. This is a beautiful picture book, ideal for sharing, gifting, knowing well and treasuring.

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The Christmas Owl

Based on a true story

Ellen Kalish & Gideon Sterer, Ramona Kaulitzki

(Andersen Press)

Ellen Kalish of the Ravensbeard Wildlife Centre collaborates with Gideon Sterer and Ramona Kaulitzi to share her experience of rescuing Rocky, The Christmas Owl.
It seems Rocky was discovered within the branches of the tree destined to be displayed outside the Rockefeller Centre. The tiny saw-whet owl was undernourished and thirsty and required Ellen’s care. Rocky had been ‘set to migrate for the winter’.
Thereafter, we wonder at Rocky’s route. What distracted her migration?  What’s more, we imagine experience of being caught up in the tree. After all, she was exposed to the city and furthermore, realised such differences between forest to city. Like The Owl Who Came for Christmas, this a true story concerns a creature caught between the wild and the civilised.
Bookwagon loves this Yuletide themed picture book with its gentle considerations. Not only do we travel with Rocky in first person, but thereafter read the experience of her human carer. We recommend this beautiful book highly as a tale to share, wonder over, know well and gift, too.


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