The Cities Book


Publishers are meeting demand for quality non-fiction books for children. Not all young readers desire a swirling series of mysticism or perceived reality, some want the facts, a real learning reading experience. ‘The Cities Book‘ hits the mark!

Cities far and wide are represented thoroughly and comprehensively in this fascinating guide, from individual histories, functions, landmarks, people and idiosyncrasies. ‘The Cities Book’ is attractively presented, curious, an eminently readable for a wide ranging audience.

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The Cities Book

(Lonely Planet Kids) – hardback

Illustrated by Tom Woolley and Livi Gosling

The Cities Book is a fascinating exploration of a range of a diverse range of the world’s biggest metropolitan areas. Thereafter, we learn how each works. What’s more, we see distinct differences, from their infrastructure to their location. Then we see special features, including landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House and others, lesser well known. Thereafter, we see how a city might operate through  seasonal pressures or times of difficulty, with overcrowding, and as a home, too.
Then again, conurbations far and wide are represented thoroughly and comprehensively in this fascinating guide. These include individual histories, functions, places of interest, people and idiosyncrasies. We’re reminded of the layers and details of If You Were a City as we read through this non-fiction book. In fact, the layers and comparisons enable us to see how a city might be formed, flow, exist and look toward a future.
Altogether, The Cities Book is a beautifully compiled and attractively presented book.  It is curious, and an eminently readable volume for a wide-ranging audience.
Bookwagon recommends this high quality, readable, information book. Finally, Bookwagon is proud to stock several of Lonely Planet Kids’ books, including The Travel Book.


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