The City of Guardian Stones


Who is stealing London’s Roman ruins? Hyacinth is intrigued to discover the military is investigating this crime. She smells a Mount Pleasant Mail Sorting Facility rat, something related to her mother’s secret history. Before she can go very far, Hyacinth, her forgetful mother, and underground friend Little Ben, are implicated as the stone thieves. Hyacinth knows that she must escape the clutches of the Saltpetre men and use the powers and characters discovered in The City of Secret Rivers to reveal the real thief and motive.

‘The City of Guardian Stones’ is a race against time, through history, wonderful adventure. If anything, I enjoyed this sequel more than its superb introduction. I was fascinated by the writer’s clever historical and geographical links, allusions to classic literature and provocative flights of fancy and possibility. ‘The City of Guardian Stones’ is a really captivating read, recommended to committed readers with a penchant for fantasy, comedy and history!


The City of Guardian Stones

Jacob Sager Weinstein

(Walker Books)

Hyacinth is still unravelling truths from her mother since their experiences in The City of Secret Rivers. How is she relevant to London’s secret history? However, there’s little time to find out, for they’re off on a further adventure seeking the thief of London’s historic stone edifices. What does Minnie Tickle have to do with this? How is the ghastly Lady Roslyn involved? Why are Hyacinth, her mother, Little Ben and Oarobaurus the prime suspects in this pebble shooting, Coade speaking crime?


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