The Clockwork Crow


A tall stranger entrusts Seren with ‘The Clockwork Crow’ wrapped in newspaper, tied with string, on a cold train platform. She’s awaiting the train to Trefil, to begin a new life in Plas-y-fran with her godfather and his family.

Seren arrives to a place shrouded in absence and suspicion. Seren is forbidden to explore the property, and denied answers to her questions. Chief amongst these is the disappearance of Tomos, her godfather’s son. Then there’s the emergence of ‘The Clockwork Crow’ which offers wise words and sorcery. How can she trust a talking mechanical bird? Why should she stay away from the attic of snow globes?

The Clockwork Crow‘ captivates from the first page. We are drawn into Seren’s mystery. It sends tingles up our arms so that we feel her fear, confusion, yet are inspired by her courage. What a stirring, wonderful story! Bookwagon recommends ‘The Clockwork Crow‘ highly!

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The Clockwork Crow

Catherine Fisher


Seren is full of hopes of ‘maids and footmen and glittering chandeliers and delicious cakes‘.  She stands on bitterly cold train platform, waiting to begin her journey to her godfather’s family in Wales. When a very tall stranger entrusts her with a strange parcel wrapped in newspaper, tied in string, Seren is confused. Further confusion awaits her at Plas-y-Fran, where her godfather and family are bizarrely absent. There are more questions than answers. ‘The Clockwork Crow” within the stranger’s parcel only adds to the mystery, and Seren’s need for truth….


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