The Colour of the Sun


From David Almond, winner of the Guardian Children’s Book Prize, comes an intriguingly picaresque tale. Davie goes off on a ‘wander’ through his home town in search of a supposed murderer. Haunted by the recent loss of his father, Davie’s imagination begins to play tricks on him and the landscape soon starts to blur into something dark and twisted.

On his journey he encounters people who don’t seem entirely real. Then he finally meets the victim of the supposed murder….but, is he dead, or alive?

This is a very thoughtful and moving meditation on the past and present by one of our greatest authors.


The Colour of the Sun

David Almond

(Hodder Children’s Books)

Davie embarks on a journey through his home after seeing a dead body – the supposed victim of a murder.  Still affected by the recent death of his father, Davie finds that reality and fantasy are becoming increasingly blurred.
Almost in spite of the story’s context, the tone of the book is by no means depressing or dark.  On the contrary it is uplifting and moving, leading to a rewarding and emotional climax.  ‘The Colour of the Sun’ is strongly recommended for older readers aged 12 and above.


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