The Company of Eight


Cass is an obtuse, unable to fulfil the magical future her guardian planned. However, she is an acrobat, her practice and skills determining that she will audition for the Circus Ship. When the ship sails without this opportunity, Case determines to pursue it. Her plans are blown off course by a silken handkerchief and an offer it seems she cannot refuse.

From kings to thieves, slavery, to an Island of Women, pirates, to a secret society, Cass’s year of adventure in the islands of ‘The Longest World’ is dazzling, daring and unpredictable. ‘The Company of Eight’ is a rollicking, imaginative, fantastical adventure story. Be prepared to be starstruck and awed!

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The Company of Eight

Harriet Whitehorn


‘The Company of Eight‘ is a journey through islands of adventure. We join Cass on her quest to become a member of the Circus Boat. Mrs Potts’ appointment leaves Cass racing to catch up, yet other adventures, other boats, throw her off course even further! From pirates to secret societies, mysticism, polite society, Kings, thieves, slavery and the Island of Women, Cass follows a star of drama, intrigue and danger!



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