The Conspiracy of Magic


Mrs Potts is delighted when Cass is selected as lady-in-waiting to Queen Arden during her journey to Bunderland. Yet Mrs Potts, like most of Cass’s friends and acquaintances, is unaware that Cass has been charged with the duty as the Queen’s sword. Her superior fighting skills, honed from the scorching adventures described in The Company of Eight ,are needed to protect the Queen and her precious jewels.

Yet there is more than protection of treasures in the air. As Cass and company travel through places about which Cass has only heard or dreamed, the atmosphere becomes increasingly unsettling. Snowstorms, whiteouts, children singing peculiar rhymes,… Cass is on her guard. There is something magical on the move, something beyond a threat to the Queen’s jewels, something terrifyingly crafted of which Cass, an obtuse, is more aware than most. Who is behind ‘The Conspiracy of Magic‘?

Harriet Whitehorn has crafted a dramatic adventure. Its settings are Narnia- like, while its characters, drawn from different backgrounds, beliefs and responsibilities, are determined and Tolstoy- fierce. ‘ A Conspiracy of Magic’ is a perfect magical adventure story to enjoy during the winter dark.

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The Conspiracy of Magic

Harriet Whitehorn

(Stripes Publishing)

Cass is relieved to be returned to Minaris, to cloud cakes and gossip with her friends Lion and Lin. Her time at Mrs Potts’ lodging house with Tiger will be short, much to Mrs Potts’ delight, Cass has been co-opted into the service of Queen Arden on her journey to Bunderland. However, very few know that Cass is the queen’s sword, hired to protect her, and her jewels. Cass longs to become a member of The Company of Eight, a ‘secret band of skilled female sword fighters’. Her swordsmanship and acrobatics are sharp. Furthermore, Cass is an obtuse, able to withstand the lure of magic. Perhaps this skill might be particularly useful to her in the quest ahead…
The Conspiracy of Magic‘ is bitter cold, action-packed, and cloudberry scented. Cass is a quick-witted, loyal and resilient heroine. Maria Surdurcan and Pip Johnson map Cass and Dacha’s travels through the Magical Lands engagingly. It seems like the detail of the book draws us further into the adventure.
Harriet Whitehorn crafts magical stories. Her imagination and versatility are apparent in the series beginning with Violet and the Pearl of the Orient, and her recent Freddie’s Amazing Bakery: The Great Raspberry Mix- Up.


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