The Cooking Club Detectives


Although Erin is familiar with cooking, thanks to the culinary skills and ambition of Lara, her mother, she is new to Milwood. Therefore, she’s anxious about signing up to the after school cooking club offered by Skipton House. After all, she will know hardly anyone. However, it’s apparent that there are friends to be made. Before long, she’s teamed up with Tanya, Sam and Frixos. What’s more, events develop that it seems they’ll need to form themselves into a group, The Cooking Club Detectives.

It seems that Skipton House has been purchased. Certainly, Milwood has been ripe for developers, so their ramshackle, in need of repair location seems to have fallen into such hands. Yet as Erin and her friends investigate, there is an odd and uncertain trail. It seems as though Skipton House is a hub for the Milwood Community, offering child care, classes, clubs and lots of opportunities to meet, learn and mingle. Who wants to take that away? Can our foursome (and Sausage the dog) disbar the purchaser and change their intention?

Bookwagon is delighted to welcome a new book by favourite author Ewa Jozefkowicz. Her titles engage readers immediately. We love realising characters, their back stories and situation. We welcome The Cooking Club Detectives warmly, and recommend it highly to our readers.

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The Cooking Club Detectives

Ewa Jozefkowicz

(Head of Zeus)

The Cooking Club Detectives meet at Skipton House to develop their cooking skill. Although Erin’s mother has enabled her to cook, it seems that others in the group, new friends from her school, as less confident. However, upon their first visit, when Mrs Gupta teaches them how to make spinach and cheese pancakes, the group is keen to learn more.
Yet the first snag is Mrs Gupta’s sudden unavailability. Is it possible that Erin’s mother’s change of circumstances could mean she might stand in? Then there’s a bigger problem; it seems that Skipton House has been sold! Although the venue is old, it’s an important part of the community, offering Sam’s family, for example, a haven of opportunity. There’s child care, holiday classes and so many clubs. What will happen to the fledgling cooks, alone? Then again, who has bought Skipton House and what plans might they have for it?
Erin, Tanya, Sam and Frixos, with a little help from Sausage, Erin’s dog, determine to investigate. Is there any  way they might dissuade a new buyer from eroding Skipton House? Can they appeal to this person’s better judgement with their knowledge of its importance to the community? Erin might be new to Milwood, but she’s determined and keen to settle in and support her Mum’s ambitions for the two of them. What might the new friends discover?
Bookwagon is overjoyed to welcome a new title from Ewa Jozefkowicz after earlier titles, including Girl 38: Finding a Friend and The Key to Finding Jack. The Cooking Club Detectives is a joy to read, positive, affirmative and full of superb recipes too!


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