The Cosmic Diary of our Incredible Universe


The Cosmic Diary of our Incredible Universe is a spectacular and wholly successful effort to explain the universe and its origins by someone who has ventured further into the universe than most.  British astronaut Tim Peake famously spent time in the orbiting space station and this is his first non-fiction book.

He describes the universe by imagining a diary written by it.  The diary describes how the universe began, particle physics, the Big Bang, our solar system and its planets.  These are sometimes difficult concepts to explain, but Tim’s words and the fabulous graphics by Max Rambaldi help to make the information accessible and relatable.  Tim Peake is not the only experts available in this lovely book.  There is Malika, the particle physicist and Ben and Ciara, cosmologists to help us understand.

Rarely do you find such an entertaining and informative book; Bookwagon heartily recommends!

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The Cosmic Diary of our Incredible Universe

(Aged 13.8 Billion Years Old)

Tim Peake, with Steve Cole.  Illustrated by Max Rambaldi.

(Wren & Rook)

Not many people have seen the earth from space.  Even fewer Britons have done it.  Tim Peake has.  In The Cosmic Diary of our Incredible Universe he acts as a guide to the universe, its origins and features.  Like many people, this reader finds it hard to get my head around the huge numbers that are involved when seeking to explain the universe.  It is too mind-boggling for my little brain to get around.  When I think about the universe, its size and its age the statistics are awe-inspiring.
Tim Peake uses the form of a diary, written by the universe, to try and explain the really big ideas and difficult concepts about space. The device works really well – even I began to grasp some of the facts!  It all starts with the ‘Big Bang’ 3.8 billion years ago  – before that, well, no-one really knows.  The universe started as a minuscule speck smaller even than the full stop at the end of this sentence.  Then it became about as big as a grapefruit and then over millions of years it expanded to over 2 trillion galaxies.  This great book, using excellent graphics and diagrams shows how stars form, supernovae come into existence and how life began on earth.  The amount of information packed in is extraordinarily huge (but not as extraordinarily huge as the universe), but it is so carefully explained that we are able to understand.  Well, I did anyway….just.
Bookwagon has a number of books about astronomy and the science behind the universe.  Why not try How Our Solar System Began?


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