The Council of Good Friends


Vinay is king of the world! Finally he has his own perfect little corner, a ‘bunk bed haven‘. However his joy is short-lived with the arrival of his cousin, Nikesh, an evil fiend. It seems Nikesh cannot understand Vinay’s distress at his arrival. What’s more, he’s determined to take over Vinay’s room and life! It calls for an all out prank war, a payback so that Nikesh understands who he’s dealing with.

Thankfully Vinay has The Council of Good Friends, a loyal group, with Musa, Inua and Nish, who are only too happy to support their ‘bud’. Yet, what is the real meaning of ‘friendship’? Then again, is Nikesh really as evil as Vinay has painted him? Has anyone bothered to talk to each other? To discover the truths? Alongside mayhem, mischief and lots of oneupmanship, we’ve a story of pals, self discovery and respect. It’s jape and laughter laden.

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The Council of Good Friends

Nikesh Shukla, with illustrations from Rochelle Falconer

(Knights of Media)

It seems being best buddies is a case of pranks, mischief and the the knowledge that you’ll always have each others’ backs. It’s comfortable, until Vinay’s cousin arrives. Not only does he interrupt the easy flow between Vinay, Musa, Inua and Nish, but Nikesh must share Vinay’s room- his ‘bunk bed haven’, the stuff of dreams and boasting. Why has this happened? Then again, how can Vinay change the situation? It seems nobody has any answers, but then there’s little communication, when it’s a time of great practical jokes and lots of fun. What’s more, it seems that The Council of Good Friends is determined to support Vinay in ridding him of Nikesh. However, are they really ‘good friends’? Then again, what is the true nature of friendship? Of being the best sort of  pal you might be?
Nikesh Shukla presents an easy, enjoyable banter, prank filled title that is accessible and recognisable. Then again, Rochelle Falconer’s illustrations are hilarious, amping the mayhem and mischief. However, at its core is the consideration of friendship, getting along and then being fair. Is Nikesh really as vile as Vinay and his pals consider him? Have they tried to find out anything about him, his feelings and why he’s sharing Vinay’s room? Like The Case of the Haunted Wardrobe, we see a group negotiate each other and the balance of friendship, alongside demonstrating real empathy and strength. Bookwagon recommends this thoughtful, funny, loud and vigorous title to our readers.


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