The Cranky Caterpillar


It is a quiet, empty day when Ezra follows a musical trail to the piano. Inside lingers ‘The Cranky Caterpillar’ trapped to play the same sad tune, endlessly. Fresh air, something to eat and a hat do nothing to cheer the caterpillar. What can Ezra do to break his blue gloom?

Richard Graham’s illustratively descriptive text, with words emphasised in bold font, captivates. His early 20th century/ Ardizzone-like cross hatched pictures are curious and nostalgic.

Will Ezra’s brainwave for a concert party of artistic instruments change the tune of ‘The Cranky Caterpillar’?Might company, a band, stir the blue into something happy, fluttering and beautiful?



The Cranky Caterpillar by Richard Graham



The Cranky Caterpillar

Story and Pictures by Richard Graham

(Thames & Hudson)

The house is quiet and still when Ezra discovers ‘The Cranky Caterpillar’. He is stuck in her piano in a blue gloom. How can Ezra help ‘The Cranky Caterpillar‘ find a happy sound? He has been inside her piano for so long that ‘he is unable to play anything other than the same, sad tune.’ 


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