The Crossover


Josh Hall, aka Filthy McNasty, lives for the court. From his trainers to his trademark locks, Josh is slick and keen, a product of years of practice with his twin brother, and instruction from their father, a former professional basketball player.

As the competition heats up, so does Josh’s relationship with his brother, whose focus shifts from the court, to a girl, while their father averts his gaze from his health….

‘he Crossover is a skilled, riveting read of growing up, and facing truths beyond reputations and ball skills. Kwame Alexander is an heroic writer, inspiring and articulate. I recommend to boys especially, yet readers looking for something unique, moving and real.

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The Crossover

Kwame Alexander

(Andersen Press)

The Crossover is a stirring novel in verse of family, growing up and apart, loyalty, and taking responsibility. We recommend this title highly to our readers. After all this book, about Josh and Jordan Bell is action-packed. Then again, it spits rhymes and story at us with such skill as to grip us tightly. Furthermore, this story makes us laugh and cry. While Josh’s voice moves through the verse seemingly cocksure, knocked back, basketball obsessed and dealing with change, it is an authentic voice. Therefore, we empathise with this character, alongside feeling frustrated and anxious. It means that it matters to us when JB, Josh’s twin seems to grow away from his twin, we are concerned. What’s more, as their father refuses to attend to his health, we worry too.
 Kwame Alexander is an outstanding storyteller. It means that the craft of his pen does not dominate the story, instead it flows into it, almost basketball like. Like Booked, we are hooked by The Crossover. Therefore, Bookwagon recommends this outstanding novel highly to middle grade readers and more. Furthermore, we promise more from Jordan and JB with Rebound

Winner of the Newbery Medal and Coretta Scott King Award


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