The Dam


Early one morning the girl is awoken by her father. She takes her violin. They go to the valley and remember  the parties, dances, playing and singing that flooded this land. Soon, it will become ‘The Dam’. All life  once there will be flooded by water. For that morning the girl and her father play and dance and sing. They provoke memories within the earth and sky.

‘The Dam’ is a love story of a landscape and lives from the past. It is an homage to the north, to the wonderful Northumberland landscape and its history.

David Almond’s poetic text is weighted with longing, respect and love. Levi Pinfold’s tones are nostalgic and empathetic. His streaming light and elongated perspective suggest the timelessness of this land. ‘The Dam’ is picture book perfection, a ‘forever’ book to cherish.

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The Dam

David Almond, illustrated by Levi Pinfold

(Walker Studio)

‘The Dam’ will cover the valley. Early in the morning they go to remember those who played, danced, sang and partied before water fills the valley. They play and dance and fill the valley with the sounds and movement.
‘The Dam’ is a breath-taking creation by two story makers at the top of their game. They have created a story of memory, loss, love and history.


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