The Day I Was Erased


The Day I Was Erased’ begins with a pickle. Maxwell is up to his neck in trouble. Mrs Banks suspects him for beheading her garden flamingo, while he’s taken advantage of his best friend Charlie ‘Geek’ one too many times. What will school deem a fitting punishment? It can’t be anything to do with the centenary ball, surely. After all, it’s down to Maxwell’s effort that they’re celebrating, isn’t it?

Maxwell doesn’t care, anyway. He isn’t taken in by the bullies who target Charlie, or his history loving sister. They’re just jealous! What can anyone do to him? Maxwell pays heed to Reg, his elderly neighbour, and watches Monster wiggle his doggy bottom under the wooden fence. It’s best to block yourself off from the noise of school, and especially, the noise of Mum and Dad arguing. Nobody can touch him, can they?

What happens when something does touch Maxwell, when he goes too far, so that suddenly, he feels exposed, alone and worthless? Would it be better to disappear? Maxwell is about to find out…

Lisa Thompson has created a treasure fit for Reg’s curiosity cabinet in ‘The Day I Was Erased‘. The empathy in her characterisation is rich and real. We know for Maxwell and feel connected in some way. We want him to clear the brick weight from his life. We want Charlie and Bex, Mr Howard, and Maxwell’s parents to find their truths.

Lisa Thompson is able to step inside her character’s thoughts and feelings so fully that we are carried along, convinced and totally absorbed. I love this story. Bookwagon recommends ‘The Day I Was Erased’ to our readers. This is a wise, confident and meaningful title.

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The Day I Was Erased

Lisa Thompson, with illustrations by Mark Lowery


Maxwell Beckett doesn’t quite know where to turn. There’s the headless flamingo in Mrs Banks’ garden. There’s Charlie Geek’s nose, and now the chaos outside the school’s centenary ball. Marcus is at the centre of all of it. He wishes he could disappear, until, unexpectedly, he does. How? What can he do to return?


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