The Day the Banana Went Bad


There’s a riot in the supermarket! Banana refutes his label of ‘Reject’! What’s more he’s calling on all his other ‘dustbin friends‘ to stand up for themselves. They’ll need to tear off their labels, hop aboard Banana’s trolley, rally the supermarket aisles and then…. ‘Stop Right There!’ 

What will Banana do when the revolting fruit are called to a halt by the surveillance monitors. Will they scuttle back to their clearance bin? Or could there be something even more outrageous and daring in mind? Thereafter, where does Banana intend to lead his bruised, quirky, unripe or sour friends?

Tom Knight offers electrifying, eye-popping, character filled pictures. They fit Banana’s message and action, and the descriptive, rhyming text from Michelle Robinson perfectly. The Day the Banana Went Bad is a satisfying, strong picture book that delights and amuses.


The Day the Banana Went Bad

Michelle Robinson & Tom Knight


The Day the Banana Went Bad is a day of protest. Bad Banana’s peeling, feeling hurt and hopping made when he’s thrown into the ‘reject’ bin. So what can he do? Could behaving badly be the way to speak up? He runs riot, rallying ‘all his dustibin friends‘ and crying ‘Different isn’t bad.- it’s GOOD!’ Thereafter, Banana calls all the reject fruit into a supermarket trolley, ripping off their labels and protesting around the supermarket! However, could the supermarket surveillance camera halt the protest in its flight? What will Banana and chums do when they’re ordered to ‘Stop Right There!’
We know and love Michelle Robinson’s hilarious picture books. She seems to have an unerring knack of finding stories within the most unlikely situations from Ten Fat Sausages to  Chicken Nugget. Furthermore her storytelling is ingenious and ripe (never over-ripe) with rich rhyme and curiosity. Bookwagon is delighted to welcome The Day the Banana Went Bad aboard.



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