The Day War Came


The Day War Came‘ starts with breakfast, a walk to school, a kiss on the nose. A hail of sound announces war, and a need for escape. From ‘the blackened hole’ that is her town, the girl, ‘ragged, bloody, and alone’ travels through cold, rain, mud, over fields and roads, in trucks and boats, walking and running. She says ‘war had followed me’; it ‘had taken possession of my heart.’

Experienced, impassioned, inspired picture book makers Nicola Davies and Rebecca Cobb draw the girl’s story evocatively, empathetically and truthfully. We realise her isolation and fear. We long for her respite, that somebody will not ‘turn away.’

We recommend ‘The Day War Came’ to homes and schools. It is an urgent, necessary and awesome story to share and realise. Nicola Davies and Rebecca Cobb have created a masterpiece.

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The Day War Came

Nicola Davies, illustrated by Rebecca Cobb


On ‘The Day War Came‘ the girl learned about volcanoes, sang about tadpoles and drew pictures of birds. It was an ordinary day for an ordinary girl. However what happens to her is extraordinary. It changes her life and could change yours. It seems that by stepping into an ordinary day the impact of what befalls our main character is more poignant. What’s more, the feeling that this must be resolved is also difficult to understand. Therefore, what do we do? As with My name is not Refugee there is a significance in that the writer and illustrator choose and ordinary day, one with which we are familiar. Then again, the day’s routine is ordinary too. Furthermore, what happens is exceptional. So how do we feel? What is our reaction?
Every word from Nicola Davies is considered and impactful. What’s more, Rebecca Cobb’s illustrations, their fine lines and pencil colours, suggest a fragility within a white frame of emptiness and shock. Altogether, Bookwagon recommends this outstanding and  provocative picture book for reading together, discussing and understanding.

Walker Book donates £1.00 of every copy sold to ‘Help Refugees’.

Amnesty International UK endorses ‘The Day War Came. 


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