The Diddle that Dummed


Flinty is writing a new fiddle tune. It’s going perfectly well with lines of wonderful diddles until DUM. There’s a diddle that dums. The diddle tells Flinty that he’s ‘not like other diddles‘ that sometimes he likes to ‘go dum’. He wonders whether a dum will do. Flinty tells him in no uncertain terms that diddles are the only way. They try again, and again. Thereafter the diddle suggests a rearrangement, so that he appears at the beginning of the tune:-  ‘Flinty rearranged his diddles and tried again….’

What happens in ‘The Diddle that Dummed’? Will Flinty make him conform? Or will Flinty need to start all over again, maybe with another, orderly, cubicle shaped tune?

Kes Gray and Fred Blunt each find the ridiculous and wonderful in so many situations. Bookwagon loves their picture books. Therefore we welcome and recommend ‘The Diddle that Dummed’ uproariously- diddle diddle diddle diddle DUM!

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The Diddle that Dummed

Kes Gray and Fred Blunt

(Hachette Children’s)

The Diddle that Dummed is ‘meant to do a DIDDLE not a DUM!‘ Flinty shouts, ‘STOP!’halfway through the tune’ as a DUM interrupts . However, the diddle explains that he’s ‘not like other diddles’ for sometimes he likes ‘to go dum’. Flinty explains that he can’t go dum, for the diddle is a diddle, not a dum. Furthermore the diddle’s been ‘put in the middle to go diddle not dum.’ Then he repeats the tune for his fiddle… 
What happens when the diddle goes dum again? Is it so vital that the diddle diddles and doesn’t dum? What about a rearrangement suggests the diddle, so that ‘if you put me at the beginning instead of in the middle, maybe I’ll remember to go diddle’?  Could this work? What happens if it doesn’t?
We love Kes Grey and Fred Blunt for titles such as “You’re Called WHAT?!” and Santa Claus vs The Easter Bunny. These are creators who dum and diddle! Therefore, a combination of their talents in The Diddle that Dummed is symphonic and a huge, creative laugh for readers of all ages!

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