The Disconnect


Esther worries about what she looks like. She sends photographs of her outfits to Natalie and Sophie and Shaquilla that they can approve before she leaves the house. Their approval is important. More important is the continued contact she has with all the groups  on her phone, the friendship and interest groups, splintered and separate, and sometimes, like fan groups, secretive. Then again, the immediacy of phone contact with Dad and Rosa in America,  is Esther’s priority. So could Esther take on Dame Irene’s challenge to surrender her phone? Access, information, guidance, apps, connection, approval… doesn’t a billionaire tech entrepreneur know what she’s asking of Year 11?

‘The Disconnect’ is an interesting concept. How do we use technology? For what reasons? Could we disconnect? Why is Dame Irene offering the students of her former school this opportunity with the carrot of a £1000.00 prize? Could it be, as Esther’s new friend River suggests, some sort of conspiracy? How will Esther manage to navigate her way through the friendship trails without Natalie’s guidance? How can she keep up with her father and sister? Postcards? Where do you buy decent postcards? How do they let you share news immediately?

Keren David has created a pithy, informed, relevant novella in ‘The Disconnect‘. We recommend this dyslexia friendly formatted title to older readers.


The Disconnect

Could you disconnect from your phone for six weeks?

Keren David

(Barrington Stoke)

Will Esther take up tech entrepreneur Dame Irene’s challenge to surrender her phone for six weeks? There’s a £1,000.00 prize at stake. Furthermore, it’s a chance for Esther to raise the fare to visit her father and sister in New York. Could she manage without all her groups, the guidance they give, the chats, the splits, the news, the fashion advice? Could Esther take on the challenge of  ‘The Disconnect’? 

Dyslexia friendly features


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