The Dodos Did It!


Jack loves everything about dodos. It means that everything about him, from toys to lampshade, is dodo themed! Therefore, when he’s granted his wish of a real dodo, he’s overjoyed! It leads to a wish for more dodos!

Unfortunately, dodos are a lot of trouble! From splashing and diving at the swimming pool, to upending the library, Jack is constantly trying to explain the reason- The Dodos Did It! Yet why does nobody believe him? Jack’s parents insist, ‘Don’t be silly Jack- dodos are extinct!’ What is Jack to do?

Alice McKinley’s Nine Lives Newton offered a similar optimism and wide- eyed opportunity as The Dodo’s Did It! We might realise the pickle in which Jack finds himself. Thereafter, when he arrives at a solution, we might shake our heads in anticipation of a new problem….

Bookwagon loves the humour, possibilities, imagination and bubble of colour, warmth and activity in this lovely picture book. We recommend The Dodos Did It! to our readers.

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The Dodos Did It!

Alice McKinley

(Simon & Schuster)

What if you love dodos so much that you ‘own dodo toys’, watch ‘dodo films‘ and even have ‘dodo lampshades’? It would seem that the next step would be to wish, wish, wish to have a dodo, wouldn’t it? That’s what Jack does! What’s more the wish comes true! Thereafter, Jack has so much fun that he wishes ‘for even more dodos‘. Yet while it seems to be ‘the best thing ever’ at first, before long, ‘ten pet dodos‘ seem to be causing so much trouble!
What’s more those dodos make his parents unhappy, cause havoc in the swimming pool where they ‘dive and splash‘ and then at the playground, too! It’s even worse at the café. Unfortunately, nothing that Jack says seems to cut the mustard! At the supermarket and the library, nobody believes Jack when he claims The Dodos Did it! What is to be done?
The Dodos Did It! is a welcome follow up to Alice McKinley’s Nine Lives Newton. Like that beloved picture book, this title offers warnings, suspense and then lots of laughs! We love the creator’s imagination and wit. Furthermore, her illustrations are so warm, exuberant and exciting.
Bookwagon loves the thought of wishing for dodos… What would you wish for? Might there be an opportunity for Jack to change his preoccupation so that all too soon he’s blaming a rumpus on someone else. Maybe it will be a The ….. Did It!



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