The Dog Squad: The Newshound


Where did Wafer come from? Eva spots him hungry and shivering outside the corner shop. It seems that her hand of friendship is all he’s waiting for because he’s quick to follow her home. However, Wafer’s arrival causes problems because Eva’s family’s landlord forbids pets. Can they find where he’s come from? Then again, what if the family becomes attached to him?

Research for the newspaper that Eva creates with her friends, Ash and Simone, leads Eva to suspect that Wafer’s a whippet. Yet that’s a special breeds so surely he must belong to somebody who’s really missing him? Then again, what about a puppy farm that was prosecuted some time ago? Could Wafer be anything to do with that?

Clara Vulliamy introduces readers to a new series, full of friendship, inclusivity and detective work. Bookwagon welcomes The Dog Squad: The Newshound aboard.

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The Dog Squad: The Newshound

Clara Vulliamy


Eva spots the scared young dog on a few occasions before he follows her home. Although there’s a ‘NO PETS‘ rule for their home, somehow Wafer, as the dog becomes known, works his way into Eva’s family. Yet who is he? It seems he’s a whippet, so probably bred for a buyer. Could it be a similar case to that discovered by Jasmine and Tom in A Puppy Called Sparkle?
Clara Vulliamy initiates a warm story of friendship and investigation with this first title in a new series, The Dog Squad. It seems Eva’s a founder of a a small local newspaper, The Newshound. What’s more, Wafer’s circumstances provide a story. This gains greater importance when Eva’s dog’s given his marching orders by the landlord. Who is this dog? What’s his story? What’s more, could Wafer have something about him that’s so special that makes him a bonus to the residents who live in Eva’s building?
Bookwagon welcomes The Dog Squad: The Newshound aboard. Alongside a really engaging story, we enjoy the writer’s illustrations, and then taking part in Eva’s friendship and family situation too. We’re reminded, too, that this writer has form in creating really satisfying animal stories, as with her Marshmallow Pie series.


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