The Dog Who Saved the World


Mr Mash might be ‘The Dog Who Saved the World’. A deadly canine virus is striking down dogs across the world. Even the dogs at St Woof’s, the retreat where Mr Mash lives and Georgie visits and helps, are affected. Could Georgie’s carelessness have initiated the contagion?

She has a lot on her mind, a lot on her head! Dr Pretorius has sworn Georgie and best friend Ramzy to secrecy. Under the Spanish Dome, they are journeying beyond a virtual reality that is sensorially laden, exciting and very dangerous.

What could the two have to do with each other? Could there be a Geordie jackpot at the end of an arcade rainbow?

Ross Welford has created a complex, fascinating and wonderful story in ‘The Dog Who Saved the World‘. The humour, warm relationships and seaside Northern England setting  we hope for in Ross Welford’s books are strongly present. Yet, once again, this inspiring writer creates something oddly possible, completely original, and truly convincing. ‘The Dog Who Saved the World’ is a superb reading choice!

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The Dog Who Saved the World

Ross Welford


Georgie loves Mr Mash, although Jessica’s allergy prevents him living with them. He lives at St Woof’s, near the Spanish City entertainment centre. It’s there that Georgie and best friend Ramzy first encounter Dr Pretorius. She pledges that they not reveal what she is doing under the big dome. Somehow, their involvement becomes ever more complex and then dangerous. Can this futuristic research, and Mr Mash combine to save the world from a deadly, canine carried virus?


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