The Dragon in the Library


Kit is reluctant to visit the library with Alita and Josh. However they are desperate to get their hands on the latest Danny Fandango title. Yet it’s Kit who makes the discovery through the visit. It seems that she possesses wizarding skills that allow her to travel into other lands through portal books. Not only that but she is able to create spells! What does this mean?

For starters, it seems that the summer holidays will be filled with book shelving. Kit is not very happy about that. Books do not enthral her particularly. The situation grows worse when Faith, the librarian and Kit’s mentor, asks her to read aloud at story time.

Alita and Josh are party to Kit’s discovery and keen to engage in it. Alita’s pleasure knows no bounds when she meets Dogon, a magical half dog, half dragon. Her friends help Kit through her spell learning, working to build her confidence and realise their own, unique skills.

All three are party to the arrival of Hadrian Salt who announces he will be closing the library. It seems  his plans cannot be overturned or upended. However, could there be more to Salt’s ambition than development? Could it be something to do with The Dragon in the Library? Kit discovers her accidentally through following Faith one day. What hidden power does the sleeping dragon hold?

Books offer magic for every reader, yet Louie Stowell goes a little further with that knowledge in The Dragon in the Library. What Kit learns and experiences changes her life forever. We invite you to step into her story…


The Dragon in the Library

Louie Stowell, with illustrations by Davide Ortu

(Nosy Crow)

Kit can’t quite believe in The Dragon in the Library. She finds her accidentally when she follows Faith down one of the book trees. Kit has a lot to take in, it seems. It begins when she and Alita and Josh visit the library with hopes of reading the latest title in the Danny Fandango series. However what they discover there is more than any of them, especially Kit, could ever have dreamed. After all, Kit is the unremarkable friend and family member, the one most likely to get in a mess or a muddle. So how on earth is she ‘some kind of magical child prodigy‘? Somehow Kit is a wizard, able to travel through portal books to imaginary lands. Yet Kit finds this all an odd fit. For starters she is not keen on books and furthermore, she’s clumsy and awkward. While Alita is quick and intense and Josh inquisitive and determined, Kit is ‘nothing in particular.
Suddenly, Kit is receiving spell training, while shelving books through her school holidays. Although Faith warns her that her age makes her exceptional and she needs to take time and care, there are accidents along the way. Furthermore, Kit is impatient to understand her new skills and their potential. The urgency grows when Hadrian Salt appears, declaring that plans are afoot to close the library. What are his intentions? Could it be more than redevelopment of the library? Might he know about  The Dragon in the Library? Could Kit prove a help or hindrance to Faith’s plans to foil Salt?
While Bookwagon believes books are a portal into something wonderful, Kit’s experience is something different altogether! What an encouraging, multi-layered, ripping fantasy adventure story!


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