The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart


Aventurine is not like her brother and sister. She cannot wait to flex her dragon wings and adventure beyond her cave confines. Her grandfather warns her of humans. Yet encountering her first human, all thoughts of Grandfather evaporate as she succumbs to chocolate….

Aventurine is ‘The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart’, compelled to follow the scent and magic of chocolate. Taking human form, finding work as a chocolatier’s apprentice and learning who to trust is tricky. Aventurine is alone in the world. Will she see her family again? Who will take her in, and realise the potential of this young dragon/ girl?

Through reading every book we sell, Bookwagon has managed to read the sequel The Girl with the Dragon Heart ahead of this stirring title! Each is compelling, pacy and innovative. We look forward to the third in the series, due later this year.


The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart

Stephanie Burgis


Aventurine is ‘The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart’. Her family long for her to have a passion like her brother and sister. Yet Aventurine longs for escape! What happens when she breaks out? Her grandfather warns her against trusting humans. Surely one creating something as intoxicating as chocolate can’t be a trickster? Can he?


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