The Drowning Day


When the floods come, truth and discrimination rise to the surface.

The year is 2052, some 10 years after a time of enormous floods that have devastated much of the land.  The floods can happen again at any time and the warning sirens regularly wail warning of more  catastrophe. Jade lives in the Wetlands, a place that has been all but destroyed by the floods and remains hugely vulnerable. Safety can be found behind the walls of North-Hampton on the high ground, but it’s a town steeped in prejudice against Wetlanders.

When the siren sounds the flood-warning, Jade and local boy, Bates, must join with outcast ‘feral’ Samson to head to North-Hampton. But the threesome are carrying secrets, secrets that are even more dangerous than the impending floodwaters.

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The Drowning Day

Anne Cassidy

(Uclan Publishing)

The Drowning Day is set in 2052.  This dystopian eco-thriller packs a tremendous punch and is perfectly attuned to concerns about global warming.  The story also has themes concerned with attitudes towards “outsiders” and the exploitation of girls and young women.
Jade lives with her beloved dying granddaddy in the Wetlands.  This is an area that has been doomed to destruction following the apocalyptic flooding of the previous ten years.  Granddaddy can remember the world before the floods.  It was a time when people were free to travel. But stories are also told of human excess and overuse of natural resources. Though life has changed for everyone in this era of extreme flooding, some still enjoy better lives than others.  This divided society is brilliantly written, with sharp distinctions drawn between those who still enjoy good quality of life in the upper lands and the have-nots of everywhere else.
On his deathbed, Granddaddy gives Jade a key and instructs her to find a man named Charlie Diamond.  He can provide a means to get into High-Town, where her sister Mona now lives, effectively enslaved to the Governor. When feared “ferals” steal the key, one of them can provide Jade and her friend Bates with the knowledge they need. While the ferals are forbidden to live on land and it’s against the law to talk to them, Jade and Bates enlist Samson’s help as sirens warn of another imminent deluge. This disparate band set off on a perilous undercover journey, fearful of their identities being revealed.
With the importance of family, friendship and community shining through, this is a thrilling and thought-provoking race against time to save loved ones.
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